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A Guide to Portable Restrooms from Pacific Sanitation

Find out how portable restrooms from Pacific Sanitation can make your next event a much more enjoyable experience for everyone!

A Brief Guide to Portable Restrooms from Pacific Sanitation


Portable restrooms are a necessity at job sites and for special events that primarily take place outdoors. Unfortunately, they also have gained a bad reputation for being dirty, smelly, and generally unappealing. Pacific Sanitation offers a line of portable restrooms that offer something different. Our restrooms are designed to offer a clean, comfortable experience no matter where you are. We offer a variety of different options that cater to everyone, from construction workers to wedding guests. Here’s a brief guide to our portable restrooms.


Standard Unit for Event and Worksite Toilets

The Standard Toilet Inside

The Standard Toilet Inside


The Standard portable restrooms are the basic option, and they’re what most people think of when they hear the word porta potty. The Standard model features a toilet and a urinal along with a holder for toilet paper and seat covers. This option is perfect for any worksite and meets OSHA restroom requirements, and it’s also often used for outdoor events.


The next option is the deluxe toilet. This porta potty includes a handwash station inside the unit. It offers fresh water for handwashing as well as a soap dispenser. You can also rent our hand wash stations separately.


While most portable restrooms do not include a flushable toilet, our deluxe flush model does. It’s perfect for a little more upscale events, and it features a flushable toilet along with a mirror, shelf, and coat hook. This is an excellent option for weddings, receptions, and other outdoor events that may need something a little more elegant than a standard porta potty.


We do have ADA-compliant portable toilets. These wide units meet all ADA regulations and are fully wheelchair accessible, and they include easy-to-use handrails and are very sturdy.


Portable Restrooms on Trailers


Our standard portable restrooms are typically dropped in one location and remain there. However, our towable toilets can be attached to a truck and moved as needed. These portable restroom trailers are available in three different options. First, there’s the standard toilet. These portable restrooms are the basic option, and they’re what most people think of when they hear the word towable porta potty. The Standard model features a toilet and a urinal along with a holder for toilet paper and seat covers. This option is perfect for any worksite and meets OSHA restroom requirements.


The second option and most commonly rented for the on-the-go job sites. This towable trailer has a Standard portable restroom and features a handwash station outside the porta potty, and it meets all OSHA regulations for job sites. The wash station is a separate module attached to the trailer, and the water used in it does not comingle with anything inside the toilet.


Another option for our portable restroom trailers features one of our deluxe toilets. Like the deluxe model discussed above, the hand wash station is included inside the restroom. Again, the water used for handwashing is fresh and is kept separate from the toilet.


Special Construction Site Toilets


Pacific Sanitation understands that some job sites need more than a basic porta potty. Workers may not be on the ground level where these portable restrooms can easily be placed, and we have two options for these work sites.


The first is our crane toilet. This portable restroom rental option features a sturdy metal frame on the exterior. This frame can be connected to a crane so that it can be lifted up to higher levels or down into work being done belowground. It’s a standard rental toilet in every other way.


Our second special option is our high-rise toilet. This toilet is perfect for construction sites with multiple levels. It’s on casters, so it can be moved through the site as needed, including being put on an elevator. The roof can be lowered when needed so it can fit through standard doors. The casters can be locked, and when the roof is raised into position, it creates a completely private area.


Upscale Portable Restroom Options

Upscale portable restrooms from Pacific Sanitation Are Amazing

3 Stall restroom trailer


If you really want to go all-out at an event, our luxury portable restrooms are exactly what you need. These are the portable restrooms many people choose from weddings and other major outdoor events. They provide a much more upscale experience than standard porta potties, but our prices make them very affordable.


The VIP II trailer portable bathroom has two stalls, one for men and one for women. This stylish portable restroom is excellent for small or mid-sized crowds. One upgrade you won’t find on standard porta potties is that the trailer includes air conditioning. This means that you’ll need to connect it to a generator or other power source. If one isn’t available, you can include a generator in your rental. These trailers have sinks with fresh water in both stalls. You can attach the trailer to a standard water hose to supplement the onboard freshwater tank.


You can also upgrade the VIP II trailer to the VIP II + ADA compliant option. This option includes the two stalls (men and women’s) plus a third ADA stall. This stall includes grabbing bars and a ramp leading up to it. Like the basic model, it requires power to run the air conditioner and a water connection if you want to increase its water supply.


Our second upscale portable bathroom, the VIP III, offers three stalls: men, women, and a unisex stall. This is an excellent trailer for events that will have up to 350 people in attendance. As with the VIP II, this trailer includes air conditioning and working sinks in each stall. It’s a longer trailer (16-foot-long versus the 12-foot standard VIP II), so you will want to make certain it will fit in the space you have available.

Shower and Restroom Combination Trailer


If you need shower facilities at your event, we do offer the shower and restroom combination trailer. This trailer has three stalls, each of which includes a toilet, sink, and full shower. The trailer includes heating and air conditioning as well as freshwater tanks. You can add additional tanks as needed to increase the water capacity. We offer these additional freshwater tanks as well as extra holding tanks for grey and black (used) water.


Pacific Sanitation is Here to Help With all of Your Portable Restroom Needs


Before you search for a portable restroom rental near me, take a look at what Pacific Sanitation has to offer. With everything from basic porta potties to fully ADA-compliant luxury restrooms, we can help you with any need. Contact us today to discuss renting a portable restroom for your job site or next event.

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