California Certified SBE ID #1003902

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Pacific Sanitation specializes in construction site services. We can provide your project with 5 CY to 40 CY debris boxes depending on your specific needs.


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Prohibited materials include but are not limited to:

Hazardous Waste of ANY kind including Treated Wood
Liquid Waste or Chemicals including motor oil or any other automotive fluids, Paint/stain cans with wet paint, Herbicides, Pesticides
E-Waste including Batteries, Fluorescent light fixtures, light tubes (bulbs), and/or ballasts, Televisions, Computer Monitors
Appliances containing refrigerant
Tires, Propane or other tanks, Poisonous plants, etc.
Any products labeled Hazardous, Warning, Poison or other cautionary statements.

Prohibited Materials may not be placed in or near our equipment.