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Everything You Need to Know About Porta Potty Rentals

Hosting a large party? Pacific Sanitation offers portable toilet rentals that are both practical and reliable. Proper onsite sanitation is an essential part of organizing any large event or project. You may be concerned with getting the right venue and proper entertainment, but with such a large gathering, you need to also consider the bathroom situation.

At Pacific Sanitation, we provide a variety of porta potty rentals, perfect for weddings, corporate events, production and film, and construction projects. Even the best parties can quickly take a turn for the worse if there aren’t enough porta potties on hand. You don’t want your guests to wait in a long bathroom line. It’s a frustrating situation that might just ruin the vibe.

To help you out with your party prep, here’s everything you need to know about renting a porta potty.

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When to Rent a Porta Potty

Hosting a large corporate event, or do you have a graduation party lined up? When organizing a large outdoor event, you need to supplement your indoor bathroom situation with an outdoor porta potty – especially if the indoor restrooms are not enough. Also, some people use porta potties to keep indoor bathroom traffic to a minimum.

Wondering if you require to rent some porta potties? Here are some events that require you to rent portable restrooms.

  • Corporate events
  • Concerts
  • Food festivals
  • Fairs and carnivals
  • Large parties such as graduation parties
  • Trade shows
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Fundraisers
  • Sporting events
  • Weddings

Let’s say you’re doing some renovations around the house or your company is handling a large construction project. In these cases, you’ll need to rent portable restrooms and hand wash stations for the duration of the construction for the construction workers to use. The number of porta potties you rent will depend on the number of workers on site.

Porta potties are an easy way to keep your event or project clean and sanitary. And your guests will be grateful that they won’t have to wait in line.

How Many Porta Potty Restrooms Do I Need?

How many porta potties should you rent? There are three main factors you need to consider:

  • Number of attendees
  • Event time frame
  • Ratio of men to women

Once you have the above information, you can estimate how many porta potties you’ll need for your event. In case you can’t figure this out, Pacific Sanitation is always available to help. We’ve provided porta potties to numerous parties, both large and small. Our customer service representatives are always available to work out the details with you.

It’s advisable to have one unit for every fifty people who’ll be attending. You should also have one ADA compliant porta potty, for each gender, at your event so as to effectively accommodate everyone. However, if you have a considerably large event, be sure to rent one ADA compliant unit per every 20 standard porta potties at your event.

Another point to note: if you’re serving food and beverages at your event, it’s best to increase the number of portable bathroom rentals by about 15%, considering beverage consumption will increase the number of bathroom trips.

Finally, you should have one hand washing station for every four portable restrooms.

In most cases, renting a portable bathroom is usually an afterthought when planning an event. However, failing to plan can result in a dire situation, especially when you have guests staying at the event for hours. The Pacific Sanitation porta potty restrooms have a modern and stylish design that will meet all your event requirements and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Different Rental Options for Portable Restrooms

You’re probably familiar with the standard porta potty. Still, Pacific Sanitation recognizes that your onsite sanitation needs will vary depending on the size and type of project and event.

We can provide you with clean and easy-to-schedule sanitation solutions designed to meet the needs of your event. Our porta potty rental options are:

Single-stall porta potties:

  • Standard size or ADA compliant size
  • With or with out interior hand wash stations
  • Standard sized porta potties for construction sites can come with rollers or a crane hook for easy maneuverability.

Upscale portable restroom trailers:

  • Double and Triple private stalls
  • ADA accessible three stall
  • Shower / Restroom three stall
  • Generators

At Pacific Sanitation, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly measures, and our porta potties reflect this practice. Our units use select chemicals that help minimize waste and protect the environment.

Our portable restrooms can also come with extra features, including hand-washing stations, sanitizer dispensers, and mirrors.

What You Can Expect From the Pacific Sanitation Portable Restrooms

At Pacific Sanitation, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier efficient customer service. When you rent a porta potty from Pacific Sanitation, you’re assured of:

  • Cleanliness: The Pacific Sanitation porta potties are easy to keep fresh and clean, no matter the duration of your event.
  • Impeccable service: We follow proper maintenance guidelines and health and safety practices to ensure you have adequate sanitation.
  • Reliability: You can count on Pacific Sanitation to arrive on time with all the facilities you need for your event or project. Our potties need only a level surface for installation. We make the whole process easy for you, whether you’re throwing a party for a small workforce or a large crowd.

In case of long-term rentals or multi-day events, Pacific Sanitation can pick up and replace the portable restrooms, and clean them as needed. 

Pacific Sanitation – Your Trusted Sanitation Partner

When planning an event, a porta potty can help keep your location fresh and clean and your guests happy. From construction projects to music festivals, Pacific Sanitation has portable restroom solutions to suit your needs. Contact us for more information.


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