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Simplify Your Construction Sites with Pacific Sanitation Rentals

Many construction companies and contractors rent portable restrooms and dumpsters for their job sites. Some also work with professional recycling centers to recycle the various debris and other waste they generate on the job. If you have three separate vendors for these three things, it can add some extra complications to your paperwork. You have to track three different invoices, have three different company’s contact information, and deal with three different representatives, some of which may be less accommodating than others.


Pacific Sanitation provides construction crew managers a chance to simplify all of this by offering a one-stop shop for porta potty and dumpster rentals as well as access to our construction and demolition (C&D) recycling center. You’ll only have one point of contact, and your services will be bundled onto one invoice.


What do you get with Pacific Sanitation’s rentals? Let’s take a look at what we offer and how you can benefit from working with us.


Portable Restrooms

The ADA Compliant Toilet Inside

The ADA Compliant Toilet Inside


Many events and worksites need to have restroom facilities, but there aren’t always permanent restrooms available. Our portable toilets are perfect for any outdoor event, but many construction crews, contractors, and renovation experts also make use of them. When you’re just beginning a build, there are obviously no restroom facilities available. You need to have at least one porta potty for your crew to use. Our standard toilet is basic, but it’s ideal for some of these sites. You can also rent a handwash station to place outside the porta potty or at other locations on the job site where employees will need to wash their hands.


Want to combine the two options? Our deluxe toilet has the handwash station inside the unit, so everything is contained within the porta potty. That can simplify the number of items you rent and have to place on your site. In addition to the standard size deluxe toilet, we also offer an ADA compliant option that provides enough space for a wheelchair as well as easier access and handrails.


Specialty Porta Potties


We know that, while our standard portable restrooms may be perfect for festivals, camps, and other events, they may not be the perfect fit for some job sites. That’s why we also offer a few different specialty porta potties. First, we have towable toilets. These porta potties are mounted on trailers so they can be easily moved. If you are in road construction, your job site often moves. These toilets can move right along with you. In addition to the toilet, there is also a handwashing station attached to the trailer. It meets all OSHA requirements for restrooms.


If your crew moves vertically instead of horizontally, we have a toilet for that as well. Our standard crane toilet is perfect for job sites that involve digging out basements or working on multi-story buildings. It can be lifted and lowered using a standard crane thanks to the durable metal frame that surrounds the porta potty.


Finally, we also rent high rise toilets. These portable restrooms are on wheels, and they have a roof that can be lowered when you need to move it. By lowering the top, these porta potties can easily be moved through hallways and doorways. You can even roll them onto an elevator. Once they’re in position, just lock the casters and put the roof back up to provide privacy.


Upscale Restroom Trailers


While your construction company will likely not have need for one of our upscale trailers, we do offer these luxury options. They’re typically used for weddings and other classy events, though you may find a use for them on some of your construction sites. They offer two or three stalls with air conditioning, heat, and running water. The one option you may potentially need is our shower trailer. It offers three stalls, all of which contain a toilet, sink, and fully functional shower. This can be useful if your job site is far enough away that at least one employee will need to stay on-site for security purposes. Like the other trailers, it has air conditioning and heating.


Dumpster RentalWhen Your Construction Site Needs a Dumpster Call Pacific Sanitation


Your job site is going to generate a lot of debris. First, you’ll have all the debris from preparing the site. You may have to knock down a building, take out some small structures, or remove some landscaping. You’ve got to get rid of all of this debris before you can level the space and build on it. With a dumpster on-site, all of this trash can be kept in a designated, contained area.


Second, as you begin construction, you’ll have the leftover pieces of material. You will likely need to trim boards, cut pipe to the right length, and trim other materials to fit, leaving behind small leftover pieces that have no use. You may also have empty packaging you need to throw away. By putting all of this into a single dumpster, you don’t have to worry about having piles of trash around your job site or multiple trashcans to deal with.


Third, as unfortunate as it is, sometimes mistakes happen. Blueprints may be read incorrectly, or the client may have a change that involves removing some of the walls or other parts of the structure that you just built. When this happens, the stuff you remove often cannot be reused. It has to go into the trash, so you’ll need a dumpster to put it in.


We do have some restrictions on what can go into our dumpsters. We cannot take anything hazardous. Our small ten cubic yard containers may be used for asphalt, dirt, concrete, and bricks, but larger dumpsters cannot contain be used for these materials due to how heavy they get. Other extremely heavy materials also cannot be placed in these larger dumpsters. If you have any questions, you can always call us before putting items in the dumpster.


Our Dumpster Options

Debris Box 40 cubic yards

Debris Box 40 cubic yards


We have several different options for your job site. We want you to have the dumpster space you need without going over-budget. For some small sites, you may only need a dumpster that can hold ten or twenty cubic yards of debris. Our smallest dumpster is 12 feet long by eight feet wide and three feet high. It’s easy to toss even heavy debris over the side. These dumpsters are designed to fit in tight spaces.


For larger projects, we have thirty and forty cubic yard dumpsters. If you have a huge project, having one of our largest options may be ideal. However, if you don’t have the space for it, you may want to rent a smaller dumpster and have it emptied more often. We will work with you to determine the right size dumpster and pickup schedule to meet your needs and your budget. Some of our dumpsters are available with covers, so please ask if you need a covered dumpster when calling to discuss your rental options.


In addition to dumpsters, we also rent debris boxes. These small 5.5 cubic yard boxes are designed to hold concrete washout. They are watertight and feature ramps to make it easy for pump trucks and other vehicles to back into them. You can then clean out the tanks with the debris washing into the box.


C&D Recycling Services


In addition to renting portable restrooms and dumpsters, we also operate a C&D recycling center. Here, you can bring mixed materials, asphalt, concrete, brick, rock, tile, glass, sheet rock, metal, cardboard, plastics, wood, lumper, and prepared carpet for recycling. Our goal with this center is to reduce the amount of materials the construction industry adds to landfills. With nearly 300 million tons going into the landfill every year, recycling has become more important than ever. At this facility, we recycle and repurpose as many materials as we can.


Besides helping the environment, there’s a good reason why your construction company may want to work with our material recovery efforts: LEED credits. These credits are necessary for your building to become LEED certified. A certified building indicates that green construction methods were used in building it, which can help attract specific tenants to it. Many clients may want their building to be LEED certified, and we can help you gain some headway towards that certification.


Note that while we can recycle many different materials used on construction sites, our facility cannot handle any type of hazardous waste. If you are not certain if something qualifies as hazardous, please contact us. If it isn’t something we can recycle, we may be able to provide you with some resources for disposing of it.


Contact Pacific Sanitation Today to Learn More About our Rental Options


Whether you need a couple of portable restrooms for your construction site or a dumpster capable of holding forty cubic yards of trash, Pacific Sanitation is here for you. With years of experience in servicing the construction industry, we understand your needs and will be able to help you find the right rental items.


If you have any questions about renting our porta potties or dumpsters, or if you’d like to know more about our recycling center, feel free to contact us at 1-877-698-8473.



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