Portable Sanitation

What happens if my site is inaccessible for service of the unit(s)?

There can be a variety of reasons why your unit(s) is inaccessible including being blocked by vehicles or equipment, located behind locked gates, unreachable due to muddy ground conditions, not providing us with a key to your lock on the unit(s), etc.

What is the standard frequency of service on a portable toilet and what is included?

The standard service frequency of portable toilets is once per week. This is done to keep the units fully stocked, clean and sanitized under normal conditions. Service can be provided more frequently if needed to suit your requirements.

The servicing of a portable toilet includes:

  • Pumping out the waste tank
  • Removing any debris
  • Cleaning the inside surfaces of the unit
  • Adding fresh water and deodorizer to the waste tank
  • Replenish supplies
  • Complete or document standard repairs that may be needed.

How many people will a portable toilet accommodate at a construction site?

The ANSI standard for the portable restroom industry is 1 portable toilet per 10 workers per 40-hour work week when serviced one time per week. Although, the California Code of Regulations for Construction Jobsites requires a minimum of one separate toilet facility for each 20 employees or fraction thereof of each sex. Our experience has proven that a 1 to 20 ratio of portable toilets serviced one time per week does not keep the toilets in satisfactory condition for your workers.

How far in advance should I order a portable toilet?

Typically, orderds for portable toilets can be delivered the following business day. Although, at peak times of the year we sometimes sell out of our portable toilets, hand wash stations and restroom trailers. So, to ensure we can meet your service needs we urge you to make your reservation as far in advance as possible.

If you are planning a large special event or need a large quantity of units for a job site, we recommend a week or more lead time.

For urgent needs we are often able to deliver toilets the same day for an extra delivery charge.