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Tips to Help You Select the Best Porta Potty for Your Needs

With multiple porta potty options out there, figuring out the right one for your needs isn’t always simple. You may think your construction site only needs a basic porta potty, but you might be surprised to find that’s not the case at all. If you’re ready to rent one or more porta potties, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you select the best option.


Why Does the Type of Porta Potty Matter?


Porta potties are simply portable restrooms—does it really matter what they look like or what options they include? Some people may not think so, but it does matter. Basic porta potties may be enough for some job sites, but if you’re hosting an event, you may want something a little fancier to impress your guests. You may need to have at least one ADA compliant portable restroom on-site for some events, too. Then there are extras such as wash stations, air conditioning, and portability. Construction sites may need to have the option of moving their porta potties with a crane or through a job site.


With all of this to keep in mind, choosing the wrong porta potty can lead to accessibility problems or, at the very least, cause your reputation to take a hit. You may end up having the unit removed and replaced, which will add to your porta potty rental cost.


Why Do You Need the Porta Potty?

The Deluxe Toilet Outside

The Deluxe Toilet Outside


When you’re looking at your portable restroom options, the first question you should ask is why you need one. If you need a porta potty for your job site, your needs are different than someone who needs one for a wedding. On the job site, your porta potty needs to be purely functional. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, and it typically doesn’t matter if there are any extras like air conditioning. You can make use of the standard porta potty option in this case.


However, you may want to upgrade to the deluxe option. This option includes a handwashing station inside the porta potty along with hand soap and paper towels. Hygiene is important, and having a handwashing station encourages users to keep their hands clean. If you don’t select the deluxe option, you may want to get a separate hand wash station and set it up outside the unit.


On the other hand, if you are having a wedding or other event, you may need more than a basic porta potty. You may want to have a larger stall that looks more like a standard restroom than a portable one. A luxury porta potty offers running water, air conditioning, and a more upscale look. These options, which are typically built into a trailer for ease of movement, do require power, but they’re more impressive and are typically a better option for more formal events. You can connect these options to running water or rent extra water tanks if needed, too.


Do You Need to Move the Porta Potty?


Will your portable restroom stay in one place, or will you need to move it? If you suspect you’ll need to move it often, you may want to rent a porta potty trailer. These trailers can be hitched to a vehicle and moved as needed. They can be ideal for jobs that involve moving the work site regularly. The porta potty cannot be removed from the trailer, so it will need a little more space. However, being able to move the porta potty as needed will help you save time and money since you won’t need to have units picked up and dropped off regularly. These trailers often include hand wash stations as well.


If you’re on a worksite with multiple levels, you may need a crane toilet. This is the perfect porta potty if you’re digging out a basement or working on a multi-story building. These porta potties have a strong metal frame around them that allows a crane to connect to the unit, and it can then be raised or lowered as needed. This improves your worksite efficiency since your workers will have a restroom on their level, and they won’t need to climb up out of the basement or descend from the upper floors.


A high-rise toilet is another similar option. This portable restroom is on casters, so you can very easily roll it through buildings. The roof can be lowered so it can pass through standard doors but then raised to provide privacy. The wheels can be locked once the porta potty is in place. It’s a great inside porta potty option for multi-floor buildings. It can even fit inside an elevator so that you can move it between levels.


Will You Need to Provide an ADA-Compliant Restroom?

The ADA Compliant Toilet Outside

The ADA Compliant Toilet Outside


If you are hosting an event with an open guest list or know that there will be some individuals with limited mobility at your event or job site, you will likely need to provide an ADA-compliant porta potty. This option is larger than the standard porta potty so that wheelchairs can be maneuvered inside it. There are also grab bars inside the porta potty, making it easier to transition to the toilet or to get up.


There is also a luxury trailer option that includes an ADA-complaint stall. This large trailer features two standard restrooms in addition to the larger ADA space, and it also includes a ramp to make that stall easily accessible. All stalls include sinks with running water and flushable toilets, and the ADA stall includes grab bars.


How Many People Will Be Using the Porta Potty?


If you’re having an upscale event such as a wedding reception or a company-wide picnic, you may have a large number of guests. You don’t want there to be a long line for the restroom. You also want to bring in a nice porta potty that will reflect the style of the event. The restroom trailer is your best option for events like this. There are a few different options, all of which provide clean portable restrooms to your guests.


The VIP II porta potty contains two stalls. One is designed as a men’s room and features both a toilet and a urinal, while the other is designed as a women’s room and just contains the toilet. Both have sinks with running water and soap dispensers. A mechanical room in between the two stalls contains the water tank and other options. This is the ideal nice porta potty option for events with a good number of people.


If you’re hosting a huge event, though, you may need three stalls. The VIP III offers this. In addition to a men’s room and a women’s room, it includes a third unisex stall. Like the smaller option, this trailer includes a mechanical room that holds the water tank as well as the air conditioning unit. Guests can wash their hands, flush the toilet, and remain comfortable while using these clean portable restrooms.


When using this option, one thing to keep in mind is that the trailer is fairly large. You will need to be sure the venue has space for it and room for the vehicle pulling the trailer to maneuver it into place.


Will Shower Options be Needed?


While you likely won’t need a porta potty trailer with showers for most events, you may need it if your event will continue overnight and participants will be sleeping at the venue. For example, a weekend camping event may need this option. These porta potty trailers include two stalls, both of which contain a full shower. You will need to connect the trailer to electricity, and you should connect it to a water source if at all possible. Again, while you likely won’t need this option for most events, it’s helpful to know it’s available.


Budgeting Concerns


Of course, your budget will have some say in what options are available to you. The standard porta potty is going to be the most budget-conscious, of course, but do keep in mind the style of the event. If you’re hosting a formal reception, going with a standard unit may not be the right option. When you’re looking to impress your guests, the larger upscale restroom trailers are the way to go.


Pacific Sanitation Has All of Your Porta Potty Options


If you’re in need of a portable restroom for your next event, you want to work with a brand you trust. Instead of searching for “porta potty rental near me,” visit Pacific Sanitation. We have a wide variety of porta potty options, and we can provide everything from basic porta potties to the larger, more luxurious trailer options. All of our rentals include drop-off at your designated location and pickup. We offer competitive pricing for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals, plus we can negotiate longer rental periods if needed. All of our porta potties are fully sanitized for your health and comfort.


To learn more about what Pacific Sanitation can do for you, including our dumpster rental and recycling services, contact us at 1-877-698-8473 or request a quote online.



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