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Many outdoor event spaces are amazing. They offer unmatched views, gorgeous foliage, and much more. One thing they often don’t offer, however, is plumbing. These spaces don’t always come with restrooms, and even when they do, they may not have the capacity you need for large events. That’s when it’s time to turn to porta-potties. These portable restrooms can be precisely what you need, even if you’re having an upscale gathering such as a wedding. While the standard blue box porta potty is undoubtedly an option, you can also rent a luxury porta potty that comes complete with a sink and air conditioning.


Everything You Need to Know About Porta Potties


When people think of using a porta-potty, they often think of hot, cramped spaces that smell bad. This is not what the experience should be like. When they’re correctly placed, cleaned, and maintained, porta-potties are like any other restroom. If you use the larger portable restroom trailers, they may even be nicer than some restrooms!


The basic porta potty features a toilet and a urinal. It’s basic, but it gets the job done. These porta-potties are often used at outdoor festivals and other areas where a large number of people are expected. You can add a handwash station outside the unit. If you’d rather have the handwash station inside, you can upgrade to the deluxe porta potty. These models have a clean water tank that provides freshwater as well as soap and paper towel dispensers. ADA versions of these models are also available.


If you need a porta potty that’s easy to move, the towable toilet is your best option. It’s a basic porta potty, but it’s on a trailer that can be towed by most trucks. It features a handwash station on the outside of the toilet that meets OSHA regulations. A deluxe porta potty trailer is also available.


If you’re holding an upscale event such as a wedding, gala, reception, or fundraiser, a restroom trailer with a deluxe bathroom may be exactly what you’re looking for. These trailers include two or three stalls, running water, and air conditioning. You can connect them to an outdoor faucet via a garden hose and to a 120-volt power source, but they can also run off of a freshwater tank and a generator. Inside, the porta-potty looks just like a basic restroom you’d find in an office or restaurant.


In addition to basic and luxury portable restrooms, there are specialty options. These options, which include a crane toilet and a high-rise portable toilet, are typically used on job sites and in other areas where the toilet needs to be accessible on multiple levels or in multiple places.


When Do You Need a Porta Potty?

2 Stall + ADA Restroom Trailer


When should you start searching for “porta potty rental near me”? Determining if you need to rent a porta potty is usually relatively straightforward. Determining how many porta potties you need isn’t always that easy. Here are some of the situations in which you may want to rent a porta potty and some tips for deciding how many you’ll need.


Outdoor Events Such as Fairs and Sports Meets

For casual events that may include a lot of people, you’ll want a good number of porta-potties. If your event is spread out over an ample space, you may even need several banks of porta potties set up on opposite ends of the space. For example, if you’re coordinating a major sports competition with multiple events, having porta-potties near each track or field is a good idea. For fairs, you may need porta potties by the entrance/exit and near any food stalls you have. Because these events are more casual and you may need a lot of units, going with the basic or deluxe porta-potties with a few ADA-compliant options is usually the best way to go.


Weddings, Receptions, and Birthdays

If your event is a little more upscale, you may want to have a nice porta potty option that is more like a standard restroom than something obviously portable. One of the VIP restroom trailers is a good option here. These restrooms look like small buildings, so it’s less obvious that they’re porta-potties. You can even add some decorations such as flowers in front of the wheels and trailer hitch to help disguise them more. Inside, porta-potty trailers contain two or three stalls, each with a vanity that can also be decorated with a flower arrangement or other small items.


For most weddings, one two-stall or three-stall trailer will be enough. However, if you’re having a massive wedding with several hundred people, you may need two trailers, so one is always available. It depends on the number of guests and the exact venue layout.


Job Sites

Job sites rarely have working plumbing, especially early on. In the early stages, they don’t even have plumbing at all. Bringing in clean portable restrooms is essential for your workers. Basic porta-potties are often enough, but you will need wash stations as well. You may also need at least one ADA-compliant porta potty. If you’re building a multi-level structure, you may also need a crane toilet. This porta potty is attached to a metal frame so it can easily be lifted and lowered via a crane arm. It can be raised up for those working on upper floors or lowered for those in the basement. Inside, it’s a fully functional standard porta potty.


The high-rise toilet is another good option for many job sites. This porta potty is on wheels and features a roof that can be slid down so it can fit through doorways and on elevators. Once it’s in place, the wheels are locked, and the roof is raised back up for privacy. It’s a good option for job sites that are more complete but still don’t have working restrooms.


Home Renovations

You may not think about having a porta potty at your home, but it may be an option if you’re redoing your only bathroom, doing a massive home renovation, or are completely flipping a home. You want a nice porta potty since it may be your only bathroom option for several days to a week. You may want to go with the deluxe option or even with an ADA-compliant porta-potty to have more space. Renting a tailor is another option if your budget allows.


Camps and Overnight Events

For day camps, basic porta-potties are enough. However, if you’re going to be hosting a camping event or other overnight event where participants may need to shower, what do you do without plumbing? There are porta potty trailers that include multiple stalls with toilets, sinks, and fully functional showers in each. With large capacity fresh water and wastewater tanks, they’re perfect for long weekends. These trailers also include heating and air conditioning, so your guests can shower in comfort.


Where Can Porta-Potties Be Placed?

The ADA Compliant Toilet Inside

The ADA Compliant Toilet Inside


Essentially, you can put a porta-potty anywhere that has level ground. You don’t want to place them on a slope, so you do need level ground. For trailers, you’ll need to select a place that is accessible to a vehicle so the trailer can be dropped off and picked up. These trailers also need more room than standard porta-potties. If you plan on having a lot of guests using your luxury trailer porta-potty, having a connection to an outdoor water faucet is very helpful. You can attach the porta-potty system to a garden hose instead of relying on the freshwater tanks.


While you don’t need power for porta potties to work, you may want to select a location with an outlet for trailers. This allows you to turn on the air conditioning or heating, making the space more comfortable for your guests. This may be a necessity if your event is in the summer or winter.


The Rental Process


Pacific Sanitation provides all of the discussed porta potty options plus things such as holding tanks, freshwater delivery systems, and generators. The rental process is very simple. Once you’ve decided how many porta potties you need, you simply call us and let us know when you need them and where you want them. If you’re uncertain where to place them, we can help.


One factor many people do wonder about is the porta potty rental cost. There are a number of factors that go into the cost, including the type of portable restroom you want, the length of the rental period, and how often you need the units to be emptied. Renting generators or additional freshwater tanks can also add to the budget. However, Pacific Sanitation will work with you to determine precisely what your needs are so you don’t rent too much. This will help keep your budget under control while also ensuring that all of your guests’ needs are met.


Contact Pacific Sanitation Today to Learn More


If you need to rent clean portable restrooms for your next event, we’re here to help. Contact Pacific Sanitation today to learn more about renting porta potties or to make a reservation.

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